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  • Visual acuity deteriorates due to stress⁈ Story of psychogenic visual impairment

    In today’s modern society, we are exposed to various types of stress. It is said that waiting is the greatest stress for most people, who can now use their smartphones to quickly check the internet, buy items on line and do various other things extremely conveniently. When I was young and we didn’t have mobile phones, it was normal to pick a prominent spot at the station and wait for someone at a specific time. But now, all you need to do is go to the station first and call the person and say, “Where are you? Ok, I’ll meet you there.” Stress can sometimes affect your body and cause illness. Psychosomatic disorders such as a stress-induced gastric ulcer is a physical condition caused by stress, but somatic symptom disorders are those with strong symptoms without medical explanation. When a somatic symptom disorder appears in the eyes, it may cause unexplained vision loss. A girl who recently visited our clinic, claimed that the glasses she had made a year ago didn't fit. When it came to her eyesight, no matter how strong the glasses she tried, her vision only went up to about 0.7. She did not have myopia, in fact both her eyes had very mild hyperopia. However, her condition was so serious that she could not see well even if she put on glasses. Her mother was shocked that her eyesight had deteriorated so fast that she had to replace her glasses even though her mom had just gotten her new glasses recently. There was no obvious illness in the eyeballs and the cause of vision loss was unclear. 🍃🍃🍃 The clinical picture of psychogenic visual impairment is just above. It is common among young girls, and is often seen in elementary school to early teens, but it is rare, even in adults. The stress that causes it may be obvious, or it may be unfamiliar to themselves or their parents. Sometimes it's a trivial reason, such as a good friend starting to wear glasses. In the case of adults, there are cases where it is beneficial to be invisible. There are various types of visual impairment, such as those with reduced corrected vision, those with abnormal color vision, and those with narrow vision. It is also characterized by inconsistent symptoms. Symptoms vary in severity, and in some cases they can be seen by wearing fake glasses (without telling the person), but in other cases they are resistant to all treatments and have persistent visual impairment. Psychiatric approaches such as cognitive therapy may help. The prognosis for this disease is good, and in most cases, eyesight recovers within a year. Blindness will almost never occur. It is easier for younger patients to heal, and for junior high school students and above, the stress which is causing the condition becomes more complicated and they become resistant to treatment. If your child is suspected of having psychogenic visual impairment, it's a good idea to keep an eye on her and remove the stressful factors, rather than blaming her for not being able to see. It is also important to follow up with repeated examinations at an ophthalmologist to rule out other ocular conditions. The Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic has an orthoptist who has a National Qualification for amblyopia training. If you have a child who is worried about low vision (vision impairment) or strabismus, we recommend that you make an appointment with the orthoptist soon. #lowvision #strabismus #psychogenicvisualimpairment #psychosomaticdisorder #pdiatricophthalmology #orthoptist #motomachimarineeyeclinic #yokohamamotomachi

  • Low concentration (0.01%) atropine for suppression of progressive myopia in children

    Atropine is a powerful mydriatic drug that is sometimes used in eye exam. When used at normal concentrations, the pupils will remain open for a few days to a week. The myopia-suppressing effect of atropine has been known for a long time, but it could not be used because it was dazzling while the pupils were open and it was difficult to read things. It was found that when this was diluted to a very thin concentration, the pupil did not remain open, but it had the effect of suppressing myopia. It has been reported that for children who are still in the growth stage, the progression of myopia was suppressed by about 60% compared to the group without instillation after two years of continuous use of instillation once at night. However, it is not covered by insurance because it is not a treatment whose efficacy and safety have been established in Japan. If you wish to receive this treatment, you will need to have a medical examination at your own expense and to purchase a remedy. Treatment flow Eye data will be taken at the first visit to check for other illnesses. We will determine at the time of the examination whether treatment is indicated. If you are the target of treatment, first prescribe one therapeutic drug. At the first visit, you will be charged the initial consultation fee and eye drops. After using up one bottle (about one month), you will be revisited once to check for side effects and allergies. If there is no problem, prescribe 3 months' worth of remedy. After that, you will be examined every 3 months. A re-examination fee and eye drops (3 bottles) will be charged. Method of treatment Apply one drop of the prescribed eye drops to both eyes before going to bed at night. Please use up the eye drops in one month. Eye drops are prescribed to individuals. Please do not share it even within the brothers. Cost Initial consultation fee : ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) Re-examination fee : ¥ 1500 (excluding tax) Eye drop fee : ¥ 1500 per bottle (excluding tax) The effect is to suppress the progression of myopia, so it does not cure myopia already existing. Myopia may progress even with eye drops. Also, there is no guarantee that it will work. Treatment must be continued at least for 2 years. This is because the original study used eye drops for two years to suppress the progression of myopia. It may be desirable to use it until physical growth has stopped, as there are reports of myopic rebound after discontinuation. There is no problem if you quit in the middle, but the effect of suppressing the progression of myopia may be inferior to that if you continue to use it. No serious side effects have been reported, but side effects such as allergies to drugs are not completely free. Pay attention to the condition of your eyes during use, and please contact the clinic if you have any symptoms such as glare, difficulty in seeing, redness or rheum. Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic is now providing low concentration atropine treatment for children's myopia. If you are interested, or would like to know if your child is eligible for this treatment, please make an appointment for consultation. #Low concentration atropine treatment #myopine #nearsightedness #Eye clinic in Motomachi, Yokohama #Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic #Motomachi Shopping street

  • Need an eye exam👀?

    Do you think you have perfect vision? Even so, it is important for people of all ages to have regular eye exams. あなたの視力は問題ないと思っていますか?そうだとしても、どの年代の方も眼科検診を受ける必要があります。 ·Children : It is recommended that children have an annual eye exam to ensure healthy eyesight for good academic performance. Cases of myopia are rising as students increasingly rely on digital devices such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones. ·Young Adults and Teens: It is important to have regular eye examinations when using contact lenses. The improper use of contact lenses can cause serious eye damage. ·Working Professionals : Adults over 40 are at risk for presbyopia and often need reading glasses. Individuals in this age group is also at increased risk of glaucoma. ·Seniors: In this age group, where cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are common, a comprehensive eye examination, including a fundus examination , is highly recommended. ·Other physical illnesses: People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol require regular fundoscopy as these conditions can cause serious visual impairment. Certain eye symptoms may be a sign of a more serious physical illness, such as cancer, stroke, or infection. At Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic, Dr. Hasumi, a certified ophthalmologist, provides English language consultations to satisfy all your eye care needs. Don’t delay – schedule your appointment today!

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  • 元町マリン眼科(motomachi marine eye clinic)

    Reception and waiting room examination room Introducing the in-hospital facilities of Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic. Entrance Please use the elevator of Motomachi Union. We are located on the 3rd floor. Reception and waiting room 1/9 Please consult us in such cases Red eyes Rheum Suspected eyes, conjunctivitis, allergic conjunctivitis, etc. Unexpected illness may be found when it is not cured by eye drops Stye dose not heal easily We also perform one-day surgery for styes and chalazions. Hard-to-heal styes for the elderly can be malignant Deterioration of eyesight Suspected fundus diseases such as advanced myopia and astigmatism, cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and retinal vein occlusion Regular check-up health check If you are advised to have an ophthalmology examination for a 3-year-old child examination, school examination, workplace health examination, license renewal, etc. Eyeglasses / contact lenses B oth first-time contact lens users and experienced user who needs prescription refilled are welcome. We prescribe eyeglasses as well. Sagging eyelids obstructs vision ​ We also perform day surgery such as ptosis and upside down eyelids (National Health insurance may applicable) Warts and moles around the eyes ​ We also perform day surgeries such as removing warts and milium around the eyes and removing moles. For beauty around the eyes We also perform cosmetic dermatology treatments such as HIFU, IPL, and Dermapen. ◆ ​ Information on online medical care ◆ ​ Temporary eye drops can be prescribed for those who are undergoing medical treatment at home due to a new coronavirus infection or those who cannot go to their family doctor under a state of emergency. Reservations are prioritized for ophthalmology, and reservations are required for cosmetology and dermatology. Reservations can be made online or by phone. Please see the reservation page for details. reservation Notice from our hospital ◆ Urology Information ◆ The Urology Department opened on January 11, 2022. Tuesday 10: 00-13: 30 Friday 15: 00-18: 30 (Please come 30 minutes before the end time) Please feel free to contact us as we will reduce the psychological burden while staying close to you no matter what your concerns. ◆ ​ Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic is looking for new staff due to the renewal in January 2022 ◆ ​ We are looking for nurses (regular and associate nurses) in ophthalmology, cosmetology and dermatology, and urology. Want to work in a new clinic that will open in 2020? Not only experienced people, but also people with blanks and inexperienced cosmetologists will be carefully instructed. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to shorten your working hours or work within the range of your dependents. There is an employee discount system. Please see the Hello Work job page for detailed working conditions. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us by e-mail. ​ ◆ Information on changing the reservation method due to the transition to the reservation system ◆ ​ The reservation site was renewed on January 3, 2022. There is a change in the reservation method accordingly. Please check the reservation page for details. ​ ◆ ​ Guidance for partial changes to ophthalmology outpatient doctors ◆ From October 19th (Tuesday), some ophthalmology outpatient doctors will be changed as follows. 15: 00-18: 30: Director Hasumi ⇒ Dr. Takeda Please note that the cosmetology dermatology examination will be closed during this time. ​ ◆ Cashless payment information ◆ From October 1, 2021, you can use credit cards and e-commerce for transportation for all payments regardless of insurance medical treatment or free medical treatment. We will promote cashless payments to prevent the spread of infection and improve the convenience of patients. ​ ◆ Information on influenza vaccination ◆ ​ This year's influenza vaccine is no longer accepted. ◆ About new corona vaccination ◆ ■ Notice (Updated on December 24th) ・ The new corona vaccination 2 times set of our hospital has been closed on 10/20. ​ ​ ・ Please wait for the notification from Yokohama City regarding the third (booster) vaccination. * Information on Yokohama City regarding vaccination ⇒ About new coronavirus vaccination (special page) -Yokohama City The blog is being updated by our staff! Nov 7, 2021 Visual acuity deteriorates due to stress⁈ Story of psychogenic visual impairment In today’s modern society, we are exposed to various types of stress. It is said that waiting is the greatest stress for most people, who... Feb 6, 2021 Low concentration (0.01%) atropine for suppression of progressive myopia in children Atropine is a powerful mydriatic drug that is sometimes used in eye exam. When used at normal concentrations, the pupils will remain open... Nov 1, 2020 Need an eye exam👀? Do you think you have perfect vision? Even so, it is important for people of all ages to have regular eye exams.... See more

  • Ophthalmology | 元町マリン眼科

    Our practice Consultation hours 10:00 am to 13:30 am 15:00-18:30 pm ​ Closed days: Thursday, Sundays and holidays Ophthalmology is prioritized for those who make a reservation. In addition, some inspections have fixed days and times. Please see the reservation page for details. reservation ・ Please come 30 minutes before the end time. ・ If you have anxiety about your child's eyesight such as strabismus or low vision , please come during the time when there is an orthoptist (weekday 10:00-13:00). ・ If you would like to prescribe contact lenses or glasses, please come on Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning and afternoon. (If you would like to prescribe contact lenses for the first time, please come at least 1 hour before the end time.) * When using online reservation, please make a reservation in each frame of "ophthalmology", "orthoptist", and "glasses contact". * Reservations will be given priority. In addition, the order may change due to inspections. Please note. (Reservation time will be the time when you come to the reception.) ◆ ​ Information on partial changes in ophthalmology outpatient doctors ◆ ​ ・ On October 5th (Tue) and 12th (Tue), some ophthalmologists will be changed as follows. 10:00-13:30 Dr. Hasumi ⇒ Dr. Takeda ・ From October 19th (Tue), some ophthalmology outpatients will be changed as follows. 15:00-18:30 Dr. Hasumi ⇒ Dr. Takeda Surgery available at our Clinic ○ Laser photocoagulation treatment (retinal hiatus, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, etc.) ○ Cataract treatment ○ Glaucoma laser treatment ○ Vitreous injection for age-related macular degeneration and retinal vein occlusion ○ Treatment of dry eye (punctal plug) ○ Trichiasis (ingrowing eyelashes) ○ Chalazion excision ○ Blephaloplasty for ptosis (coverage by insurance) ○ Botox treatment for blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm Eye diseases 〇 Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia 〇 Eyeglass prescription 〇 Contact lens prescription 〇 Glaucoma 〇 Cataract 〇 Age-related macular degeneration 〇 Diabetic retinopathy 〇 Color blindness 〇 Squint, amblyopia 〇 Dry eye 〇 Allergic conjunctivitis 〇 Entropion & epiblepharon 〇Ptosis 〇 Pterygium 〇 Eyelid tumor 〇 Uveitis 〇 Retinitis pigmentosa Other 〇 We also provide consultation on second opinion and illness 〇 Please feel free to contact us for any minor concerns Affiliated medical institution Yokohama City University Hospital Yokohama City University Medical Center Minato Red Cross Hospital Keiyu Hospital, etc. Patients who need treatment such as internal eye surgery and hospitalization will be referred to affiliated medical institutions. Please contact us if you have a desired referral destination. Facilities of our hospital Optical coherence tomography with fundus camera ( Retina Scan Duo ™ ) Optical coherence tomography (OCT) has become indispensable for the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. The optical coherence tomography with a retinal camera (Retina Scan Duo™) adopted by our hospital is compact and enables high-quality imaging, and because it is an integrated retinal camera, both examinations can be performed in a short time without the burden of movement. You can Automatic perimeter ( Kowa AP7700 ) ​For other facilities, please see the blog. Regular visual field examinations are needed to determine the progression of glaucoma. The AP7700 adopted by our hospital has a wide variety of inspection programs such as central visual field inspection, full-field visual inspection, screening inspection, threshold inspection, and isopter inspection. In addition to many static inspections, dynamic inspections, inspections with time saving mode, and manual inspections are also possible. The healthy person database uses a Japanese database, which is useful for diagnosing normal tension glaucoma, which is common among Japanese. The isopter test has a visual-field-impairment grade judgment support function, and is also compatible with visual-impairment grade judgment. Hescozimeter (red-green test) Double vision is when you can see two things in a doubled manner. Since there are two eyes, diplopia occurs if the directions and movements of both eyes are not the same. It is an examination that separates both eyes with a red-green lens to see the movement of each eye. It is a test for eye movement disorders such as strabismus and nerve palsy.

  • Urology | 元町マリン眼科

    Urology Information Consultation time Tuesday 10:00-13:30 Friday 15:00-18:30 ​ (Please come 30 minutes before the end time) ​Introducing a urologist I'm Hisashi Hasumi, a doctor in charge of urology. As a urologist, we provide inpatient treatment such as outpatient treatment and surgery at Yokohama City University Hospital. This time, I will be in charge of the urology outpatient department twice a week (Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon) at Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic. We will respond to a wide range of problems, from worries about urination such as nocturia and urinary incontinence to health consultations regarding urinary occult blood and proteinuria. For diseases that require advanced medical care such as cancer, we will provide cutting-edge treatment with less pain in cooperation with core hospitals such as Yokohama City University Hospital, Minato Red Cross Hospital, etc. increase. Please feel free to contact us as we will reduce the psychological burden while staying close to you no matter what your concerns. ​ medical doctor Urology Society / Specialist Urology Society / Instructor ​ Japanese Society of Hereditary Oncology / Specialist ​ Councilor, Japanese Society of Medical Oncology Japanese Society of Urological Endoscopy and Robotics, Laparoscopic Technology Certified Physician Japan Urological Endoscopy Robotics Society, Robot-Assisted Surgery Proctor Japanese Society of Endoscopic Surgery, Laparoscopic Technology Certified Physician Please contact us in such cases Difficult to urinate Have nocturia I have pain when urinating The pee is muddy The toilet is near, urine leaks cystitis I was advised to have a medical examination PSA is overpriced ​ Pus comes out of the urethra Follow-up for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc. ​ Other health consultation ​ ​Available inspections, equipment, etc. Urinalysis After visiting the hospital, urine will be collected and examined for white blood cells, blood, protein, etc. in the urine. Also, examine the components (sink) that sank in the centrifuge under a microscope. Check for abnormal cells (cancer cells). Urinalysis results will be announced on the day of the event. ​ Culture test ​ If you suspect an infection, such as when you have a fever or pain and white blood cells are observed on a urine test, perform a urine culture to find out which bacteria are causing it. Also, by examining drug susceptibility, treatment is performed with appropriate antibiotics. ​ Blood sampling test Blood is drawn to check for abnormalities in kidney and liver function, increased white blood cells, increased inflammatory proteins, and anemia. It also measures PSA, a marker for prostate cancer. The results of the blood sampling test will be announced at a later date. ​ Ultrasound diagnostic device (Xario100) This is an examination that uses ultrasonic waves to examine the inside of the body. It is used in various organs because it does not burden the body. Urology includes echoes of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and testicles. ​ ​ Imaging inspection such as CT / MRI As a result of the ultrasonic examination, if necessary, we will refer you to affiliated clinics and hospitals and perform imaging examinations such as CT and MRI. Highly accurate inspection can be performed by combining with the findings of ultrasonic waves.

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