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  • Visual acuity deteriorates due to stress⁈ Story of psychogenic visual impairment

    In today’s modern society, we are exposed to various types of stress. It is said that waiting is the greatest stress for most people, who can now use their smartphones to quickly check the internet, buy items on line and do various other things extremely conveniently. When I was young and we didn’t have mobile phones, it was normal to pick a prominent spot at the station and wait for someone at a specific time. But now, all you need to do is go to the station first and call the person and say, “Where are you? Ok, I’ll meet you there.” Stress can sometimes affect your body and cause illness. Psychosomatic disorders such as a stress-induced gastric ulcer is a physical condition caused by stress, but somatic symptom disorders are those with strong symptoms without medical explanation. When a somatic symptom disorder appears in the eyes, it may cause unexplained vision loss. A girl who recently visited our clinic, claimed that the glasses she had made a year ago didn't fit. When it came to her eyesight, no matter how strong the glasses she tried, her vision only went up to about 0.7. She did not have myopia, in fact both her eyes had very mild hyperopia. However, her condition was so serious that she could not see well even if she put on glasses. Her mother was shocked that her eyesight had deteriorated so fast that she had to replace her glasses even though her mom had just gotten her new glasses recently. There was no obvious illness in the eyeballs and the cause of vision loss was unclear. 🍃🍃🍃 The clinical picture of psychogenic visual impairment is just above. It is common among young girls, and is often seen in elementary school to early teens, but it is rare, even in adults. The stress that causes it may be obvious, or it may be unfamiliar to themselves or their parents. Sometimes it's a trivial reason, such as a good friend starting to wear glasses. In the case of adults, there are cases where it is beneficial to be invisible. There are various types of visual impairment, such as those with reduced corrected vision, those with abnormal color vision, and those with narrow vision. It is also characterized by inconsistent symptoms. Symptoms vary in severity, and in some cases they can be seen by wearing fake glasses (without telling the person), but in other cases they are resistant to all treatments and have persistent visual impairment. Psychiatric approaches such as cognitive therapy may help. The prognosis for this disease is good, and in most cases, eyesight recovers within a year. Blindness will almost never occur. It is easier for younger patients to heal, and for junior high school students and above, the stress which is causing the condition becomes more complicated and they become resistant to treatment. If your child is suspected of having psychogenic visual impairment, it's a good idea to keep an eye on her and remove the stressful factors, rather than blaming her for not being able to see. It is also important to follow up with repeated examinations at an ophthalmologist to rule out other ocular conditions. The Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic has an orthoptist who has a National Qualification for amblyopia training. If you have a child who is worried about low vision (vision impairment) or strabismus, we recommend that you make an appointment with the orthoptist soon. #lowvision #strabismus #psychogenicvisualimpairment #psychosomaticdisorder #pdiatricophthalmology #orthoptist #motomachimarineeyeclinic #yokohamamotomachi

  • Low concentration (0.01%) atropine for suppression of progressive myopia in children

    Atropine is a powerful mydriatic drug that is sometimes used in eye exam. When used at normal concentrations, the pupils will remain open for a few days to a week. The myopia-suppressing effect of atropine has been known for a long time, but it could not be used because it was dazzling while the pupils were open and it was difficult to read things. It was found that when this was diluted to a very thin concentration, the pupil did not remain open, but it had the effect of suppressing myopia. It has been reported that for children who are still in the growth stage, the progression of myopia was suppressed by about 60% compared to the group without instillation after two years of continuous use of instillation once at night. However, it is not covered by insurance because it is not a treatment whose efficacy and safety have been established in Japan. If you wish to receive this treatment, you will need to have a medical examination at your own expense and to purchase a remedy. Treatment flow Eye data will be taken at the first visit to check for other illnesses. We will determine at the time of the examination whether treatment is indicated. If you are the target of treatment, first prescribe one therapeutic drug. At the first visit, you will be charged the initial consultation fee and eye drops. After using up one bottle (about one month), you will be revisited once to check for side effects and allergies. If there is no problem, prescribe 3 months' worth of remedy. After that, you will be examined every 3 months. A re-examination fee and eye drops (3 bottles) will be charged. Method of treatment Apply one drop of the prescribed eye drops to both eyes before going to bed at night. Please use up the eye drops in one month. Eye drops are prescribed to individuals. Please do not share it even within the brothers. Cost Initial consultation fee : ¥ 2,000 (excluding tax) Re-examination fee : ¥ 1500 (excluding tax) Eye drop fee : ¥ 1500 per bottle (excluding tax) The effect is to suppress the progression of myopia, so it does not cure myopia already existing. Myopia may progress even with eye drops. Also, there is no guarantee that it will work. Treatment must be continued at least for 2 years. This is because the original study used eye drops for two years to suppress the progression of myopia. It may be desirable to use it until physical growth has stopped, as there are reports of myopic rebound after discontinuation. There is no problem if you quit in the middle, but the effect of suppressing the progression of myopia may be inferior to that if you continue to use it. No serious side effects have been reported, but side effects such as allergies to drugs are not completely free. Pay attention to the condition of your eyes during use, and please contact the clinic if you have any symptoms such as glare, difficulty in seeing, redness or rheum. Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic is now providing low concentration atropine treatment for children's myopia. If you are interested, or would like to know if your child is eligible for this treatment, please make an appointment for consultation. #Low concentration atropine treatment #myopine #nearsightedness #Eye clinic in Motomachi, Yokohama #Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic #Motomachi Shopping street

  • Need an eye exam👀?

    Do you think you have perfect vision? Even so, it is important for people of all ages to have regular eye exams. あなたの視力は問題ないと思っていますか?そうだとしても、どの年代の方も眼科検診を受ける必要があります。 ·Children : It is recommended that children have an annual eye exam to ensure healthy eyesight for good academic performance. Cases of myopia are rising as students increasingly rely on digital devices such as tablets, PCs, and smartphones. ·Young Adults and Teens: It is important to have regular eye examinations when using contact lenses. The improper use of contact lenses can cause serious eye damage. ·Working Professionals : Adults over 40 are at risk for presbyopia and often need reading glasses. Individuals in this age group is also at increased risk of glaucoma. ·Seniors: In this age group, where cataracts and age-related macular degeneration are common, a comprehensive eye examination, including a fundus examination , is highly recommended. ·Other physical illnesses: People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol require regular fundoscopy as these conditions can cause serious visual impairment. Certain eye symptoms may be a sign of a more serious physical illness, such as cancer, stroke, or infection. At Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic, Dr. Hasumi, a certified ophthalmologist, provides English language consultations to satisfy all your eye care needs. Don’t delay – schedule your appointment today!

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  • お問合せ | 元町マリン眼科 | 日本

    Click here for inquiries and questions ​ Q. My school examination pointed out that my eyesight was poor. In what frame should I make a reservation? A. If the judgment is "C" or "D", it may be necessary to remake or remake the glasses. Please make a reservation in the frame of "Orthoptist" or "Glasses Contact" that can prescribe glasses. Q. There are grain seeds around my eyes, and I would like to have the treatment on the day. Is it possible to have treatment on the day? A. It is difficult to self-diagnose the warts and grain species around the eyes, so first check the lesion with a microscope by counseling and explain the necessary treatment and cost for the diagnosis. Therefore, we do not accept treatment on the day. After listening to the explanation carefully, if you wish to have treatment, we will make an appointment for treatment at a later date. For online reservations, please make a reservation for counseling in the "Cosmetology Counseling" frame. * Only Director Hasumi is in charge of the medical examination. Q. I would like to remove the grain seeds. How much does it cost? A. The removal of grain seeds is covered by insurance. The cost will be around 1,000 yen for those who bear 30%. In addition, at our hospital, the number of treatments that can be taken at one time is up to 10, so if the number is large, the treatment will be divided into multiple treatments. please note that. Q. My health checkup required a re-examination due to an enlarged optic nerve depression. Can I have an inspection on the day? A. We will perform a detailed examination of glaucoma. The visual field test will be handled at a later date. Please refrain from visiting the hospital by car as the examination will be performed using eye drops that open the pupil on the day. Q. I would like to use contact lenses. A. To purchase contact lenses, you will need a prescription that specifies the manufacturer, brand, and power. Please specify from the lenses available at this hospital. Please note that we cannot prescribe lenses that are not available at our hospital. For more information, please contact us by phone or email. ​ Q. Can I buy contact lenses on the day of the test? A. We prescribe contact lenses, but we do not have contact lenses in stock, so you cannot purchase them on the day. You can pick it up 2-3 days after you place your order, or you can have it delivered to your home from the manufacturer. (Shipping fee may be required) It is also possible to issue a prescription only, so you can purchase it at contact stores. Q. Can I use a credit card? A. We accept credit cards from 1 yen regardless of whether you have medical insurance or free medical treatment. Credit cards are compatible with VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX and Diners. You can also use transportation electronic money such as Suica and PASMO. In addition, we do not support bar code payment such as Paypay. note that. Click here for inquiries and questions motomachi marine eye clinic ​ 4-166 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama Motomachi Union 3rd floor ​ Phone: 045-319-4271 FAX: 045-319-4272 Email: For inquiries Send Thank you for your inquiry, please wait for a feedback

  • ご予約 | 元町マリン眼科 ーオンライン・お電話でご予約いただけますー

    Reservation information Ophthalmology Reservations will be prioritized. Advance reservations online or by phone are recommended. ​​ * Ophthalmology reservations are by time. It will be time for you to come to the reception desk and give priority to guidance, including preparing a medical record in advance and filling out a questionnaire. It is not the start time of the examination or medical examination. Also, depending on the situation on the day, we may have to wait even if you make a reservation. please note that. ​​ Online reservation information * The reservation site on January 3, 2022 has been changed. To use the new reservation site, you need to register again. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. ​ There are three frames for ophthalmology reservations: "ophthalmology examination", "orthoptist", and "glasses / contact prescription". Please note that if you make a reservation in a different frame, you may not be able to perform the examination / examination on the day. Please select "Ophthalmology Examination" for general ophthalmology examination. Please make a reservation at "Cosmetology Dermatology Counseling" for the examination of symptoms around the eyes such as milioma. Consultation with the surgeon's director is required for consultation on eyelid ptosis and upside-down eyelid surgery. (Reservations are not possible on Monday morning, Tuesday and Friday afternoon) If you are worried about your child's eyesight, strabismus, amblyopia, color blindness, etc., please select "Orthoptist". Select "Glasses / Contact Prescription" for inspections related to glasses and contacts. Reservations for visual field tests, procedures, and surgery can be made by phone. Please note that online reservations are not possible. ​ * ​ For cancellation / change, please go to the reservation site. * If you have any questions regarding your reservation, please contact us directly by email or phone instead of the contact information section of your reservation . * Please note that we do not accept reservations by email. ​​ Those who want glasses and contact lenses Prescriptions are required for glasses and contact lenses. If you would like to issue a prescription, make glasses, change the power, or purchase contact lenses, please make a reservation on Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning afternoon. (For online reservations, please make a reservation in the "Glasses Contact" frame.) If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, it will take some time. If you cannot attach or detach the lens yourself, you will not be able to issue a prescription. Please note that you may come to practice again at a later date. ​ Some contact lenses are not available. If you have a desired manufacturer, please contact us by phone. Also, if you wish to purchase at our hospital, it will take about 3 days as it will be backordered. please note that. ​ ​​​ Information on the day of consultation Please come to the reception at the time of your reservation. The entrance on the 1st floor (Motomachi Union) will be open at 10:00 in the morning . Patients who make a reservation at 10:00 are kindly requested to come after that. Please bring your health insurance card (medical certificate, limit application certificate, etc.) when you come to the hospital. Ophthalmology requires a time reservation. Since it is not a complete reservation system, we may have to wait depending on the inspection contents and emergency measures on the day. ( Reservation time is not the start time of the medical examination. Please note that it will take time for medical record registration and examination in advance.) Those who wear contact lenses should remove them before the examination or medical examination. Please bring replacement contact lenses or glasses. ​ Aesthetic Dermatology ■ Treatment (HIFU / IPL / Peeling / Dermapen / Q-switch yag laser) is a complete reservation system . * Reservations after May 24, 2022 will only be accepted by phone for a while . We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. ​​ Online reservation information (Please note that reservations made after May 24, 2022 will only be available by phone for a while.) ​ If you are a return visitor and have already obtained a consent form, you can make a reservation online at " Cosmetology Dermatology Treatment ". (Dormant) If you are a first-time visitor or wish to have a menu for the first time, counseling is required in advance even if you return to the clinic, and you can only call us. Please note that you cannot make reservations online . Reservations for menus not included in "Cosmetology Dermatology Treatment" (milium removal, wart removal, Botox injection, cosmetology drip / injection, etc.) can be made at the reception desk or by phone. For those who wish to remove miliium , remove warts and moles , and only consult with skin problems and cosmetics, please make a reservation for counseling online for the first time. .. After deciding the treatment policy, we will make a reservation for the treatment again. Please note that the treatment on the day is not available. If you would like to have a practitioner, please contact us by phone. ​ Information on the day of consultation Please complete the reception by the time of your reservation. (However, the entrance on the 1st floor (Motomachi Union) will be open at 10:00 in the morning . Patients who make a reservation at 10:00 are kindly requested to come after that.) If you are late for the reserved time, you may not be able to receive the desired treatment. If you wish to use Dermapen, you can apply an anesthetic cream in advance. Please come to the reception desk 15 minutes before the reserved time without makeup. Also, please note that you cannot make up for 12 hours after the treatment . If you wish to have your hair removed, please come with a razor treatment. ■ Cosmetology Dermatology Cancellation Policy At this hospital, all the staff are trying to provide medical treatment and treatment that can satisfy as many patients as possible at the lowest possible price. If there is a reservation change, cancellation, unauthorized cancellation, late arrival, etc. on the day, it will cause inconvenience to other patients, so regarding the reservation change, cancellation, late arrival, the cancellation fee and contact time are set as follows. increase. ■ Cancellation fee If canceled on the day or without permission, the following cancellation fee will be charged. ◇ Cancellation fee for beauty treatment (HIFU treatment, IPL light treatment, dermapen, various peeling, Q-switch yag laser) and free medical treatment (eyelid surgery, surgery to remove moles, moles, etc.)… 3,300 yen ■ About notification of reservation change, late arrival, etc. ◇ Reservation change / cancellation ... Please contact us by 18:00 on the medical treatment day (excluding holidays) before the reservation date. * For online reservations: Please cancel from the reservation site. * For those who make reservations by reception or by phone: Please cancel by phone. ◇ Notification of late arrival on the day ... Please be sure to contact us before the reserved time. (If it is before 10 o'clock, please send a message to the answering machine.) * If you are late for more than 15 minutes, you may not be able to receive the desired treatment or you may be canceled. (Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged even in that case.) ■ Other precautions ・ If you cancel or be late without permission, we may refuse your next reservation. ・ The cancellation fee will be charged at the next visit. If we cannot handle the cancellation fee, we may refuse your next reservation. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the busy reservations, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that more patients can receive medical treatment. Online reservation 045-319-4271 * For first-time patients, if you download the questionnaire in advance and bring it with you, the time required for the first-time visit will be shortened. Please use it. Questionnaire

  • 美容皮膚科 | 元町マリン眼科 ーHIFU(ハイフ)治療・IPL治療を行っておりますー

    Aesthetic dermatology Cosmetology dermatology is a complete reservation system . Please be sure to check the reservation page as the reservation method differs depending on the menu . Click here for reservation page ◆ ​ Notice of price revision for some beauty menus ◆ Due to rising prices and soaring import prices, the prices of some beauty menus will change from January 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. HIFU shower 27,500 yen → 33,000 yen HIFU eye shower 17,500 yen → 22,000 yen ​ ◆ ​ Notice of new menu and menu change ◆ The chin under the chin, which was popular as an option for HIFU full face irradiation, will be powered up and become a new menu. This menu is effective for improving double chin. Please experience it. The option menu under the chin will be abolished. please note that. HIFU deep shower 22,000 yen ​Director Hasumi was interviewed by "My Master Doctor", a portal site for beauty medicine. This article conveys the concept of our beauty treatment, so please have a look! Campaign information ◆ First-time limited 20% Off campaign ​ The first 20% off of the cosmetic dermatology menu. Please take this opportunity to try it once. * Self-funded surgery (mole / stain / wart removal, laser surgery), option menu, beauty drip / injection (including Botox) are excluded) ​ ◆ Repeater 20% Off Campaign ​ If you receive regular treatment within the period specified for each menu, you will get 20% off. (The period is displayed in each menu) ​ * Menus that do not display the "Repeater Discount" period are not eligible. ​ ◆ Student discount 40% Off Campaign * We will continue to receive favorable reviews! Students will get 40% off beauty treatments !! Please take this opportunity to use it. ( Minors' treatment requires parental consent.) ​Menu by treatment IPL phototherapy Online reservation is possible SEREC V used in this hospital is a treatment device that improves various skin problems such as age spots, dullness, acne, reddish face, and pigmentation by irradiating the entire face with mild light. By repeating the treatment, the function of fibroblasts is activated, collagen and hyaluronic acid increase, spots and dullness are thinned, and the skin becomes fine and firm and beautiful. Since there is no downtime, you can make up immediately after the treatment. ​ ■ IPL phototherapy whole face irradiation (¥ 22,000) * Repeater discount applied [within 2 months] For these problems ● Improvement of dark spots, dullness, freckles, and darkening of pores ● Improvement of red face and telangiectasia ● Improvement and prevention of acne ● Hari (rejuvenation) ​ ■ IPL photoepilation ​ * Repeater discount applied [within 1 month] ・ Both armpits, beard, and submandibular gland (¥ 9,900) ・ Under the nose (¥ 5,500) Video Video Eyelids Spa Online reservation is possible It can be expected to have the effect of promoting the secretion of meibomian glands to improve dry eye and improving the clogging of meibomian glands that cause styes. ​ ■ Eyelids Spa (¥ 9,900) * Repeater discount applied [within 2 months] ■ Eyelids Spa ( ¥ 4,950) * Repeater discount applied [within 2 months] For those who have such problems ● People who have repeated styes ● People who have severe dry eye ● People who have severe eye strain due to allergies ● People who cannot get rid of eye strain Video HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) Treatment Online Reservation Available Ultraformer 3 used in this hospital uses high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to apply ultrasonic energy to the dermis, SMAS layer, subcutaneous tissue and fat layer. It causes innumerable thermal coagulation . A new lift-up treatment device that tightens sagging without damaging the skin surface. Since there is no downtime, you can make up immediately after the treatment. ​ * For detailed cases, please see the Ultraformer 3 official page. ​ ■ HIFU full face irradiation (¥ 88,000) * Repeater discount applied [within 6 months ] ・ Option + chin (+ ¥ 11,000) ・ Option + neck (+ ¥ 11,000) For such troubles ● Tightening of the entire face, lift up ● Improvement of nasolabial fold ● Lift up from neck to face line Improve skin quality ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening ● Skin metabolism and blood circulation activation ● Rejuvenates and leads to healthy skin ● Tones and shines beautiful skin ■ HIFU Shower ​ ® (¥ 33,000) * Suitable for repeaters [ within 2 months] For these problems ● Improvement of skin quality ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening ● Leading to healthy skin ● Skin metabolism and blood circulation activation ● Tones and shines beautiful skin ■ HIFU Eye Shower ​ ® ( ¥ 22,000) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months] For these problems ● Lift up around the eyes ● Improve skin quality around the eyes ● Improve fine wrinkles around the eyes ● Transparency, firmness, pores, whitening ● Activation of blood circulation around the eyes ​ ■ HIFU Deep Shower ​ ® ( ¥ 22,000) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months] For such troubles ● Improvement of double chin Video Chemical peeling Online reservation is possible ■ Massage peeling (¥ 11,000) PQAGE Evolution Plus used in this hospital contains growth factor (EGF) and grin complex, and maximizes skin regeneration, lift-up effect, and skin-beautifying effect during peeling. For these problems ● Texture, luster, shine ● Lift up ● Treatment of acne ● Pigmentation of the skin ​ ■ Salicylic acid macrogol peeling (¥ 11,000) Macrogol salicylic acid is a peeling that can be applied to people with sensitive skin, dry skin, and acne. It removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is suitable for improving rough skin such as acne and acne scars, open pores and darkening, and dullness and firmness of the skin. For these problems ● Opening of pores, darkening ● Improvement of acne and acne ● Pigmentation of skin Video Video Dermapen Online reservation is possible The Dermapen 4 used in this hospital is a medical device with 16 extra-fine needles at the tip. This device makes innumerable holes in the skin of the entire face and introduces beauty ingredients to bring out the wound healing power and regenerate the skin. Depending on the introduced ingredients, it can be expected to have whitening / skin-beautifying effects, anti-aging effects, improvement of acne and acne scars, firmness due to collagen growth, and improvement of wrinkles. * Dermapen is used for local anesthesia with anesthesia cream (extra charge ¥ 1,100) before the procedure, so there are some precautions. ・ Please complete the reception at least 15 minutes before the reservation time. ​ ・ Please come without makeup on the day. Also, please note that you cannot make up or wash your face for 12 hours after the treatment. ​ ■ Dermapen (¥ 27,500) * Repeater discount applied [ within 2 months] ・ Whitening, acne, anti-aging (+ ¥ 0) ・ Wrinkle improvement << Botox Vista ​ ® Use >> (+ ¥ 11,000) □ Option + Massage peeling (+ ¥ 8,800) + Salicylic acid macrogol peeling (+ ¥ 8,800) □ Aftercare mask ・ Normal (+ ¥ 0) ・ 3D Moist Premium with EGF (+ ¥ 1,650) ・ Self-tox with ingredients derived from botulinum (+ ¥ 3,300) Video Q-switch yag laser Online reservation is possible A Q-switched yag laser is a laser with an extremely short irradiation time (pulse width) of one nanosecond. Only melanin can be selectively destroyed to minimize heat damage to surrounding tissues. Lutronic's Spectra, which is used at this hospital, can perform toning for liver spots that are difficult to treat with a laser, as well as for general spot treatment. ■ Lutro peel << for Whitening / Dullness >> (¥ 13,200) 1064nm Q switch mode Irradiates the entire face with a yag laser to crush melanin and improve the color tone of the face. For those who have extensive pigmented lesions such as pale spots and freckles without borders, we will gradually improve the spots that could not be removed by IPL phototherapy without downtime. About 10 treatments are recommended. ​ ■ Spectra Peel << for small wrinkles and pores >> (¥ 13,200) Spectra peel, which irradiates the entire skin with a 1064 nm long pulse yag laser, activates the dermis. While removing melanin from the stratum corneum, it also increases the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis and suppresses the secretion of sebaceous glands to prevent acne. You can expect the effect of tightening fine wrinkles and pores and beautifying the skin. In addition, there is almost no pain, and it is a treatment that is recommended for those who are new to laser treatment. ​ ■ Dual peel << for whitening, dullness, fine wrinkles, and pores >> (¥ 22,000) With the combination treatment of Spectra Peel and Root Peel, you can improve the color tone and the skin quality together. Recommended for those who want to get results quickly. ​ ■ Lutro toning << for chloasma >> (¥ 11,000) Chloasma is a thin, flat stain on both cheeks that is often seen in women in their 30s and 40s. It is aggravated by the effects of ultraviolet rays, frictional irritation, and hormones, and is resistant to treatment. Basically, it is to prevent sunburn, improve lifestyle such as not rubbing, and take internal treatment, but when used in combination with Spectra, it destroys the melanin in the chloasma and gradually thins the chloasma and adjusts the color tone. ​ Toning & peeling requires multiple treatments. We also offer discount coupons. A set of 6 times will be the price for 5 times. (Expiration date is 12 months) ​ * Tickets are not eligible for the first 20% off. Video + Option menu Online reservation is possible ​ □ Iontophoresis (¥ 3,300 ) By optionally introducing ions after IPL or HIFU, moisturizing and whitening effects will be enhanced. □ Pore suction (¥ 2,750) Those who are worried about darkening of pores Mole / stain / wart removal Online reservation not possible ■ Q switch YAG laser stain · ADM treatment (major axis1mm × ¥1, 1 00) ■ seborrheic keratosis resection (major axis1mm × ¥ 1, 1 00) ■ Mole removal (major axis1mm × ¥2 ,2 00) ■ warts resection (major axis1mm × ¥ 1, 1 00) ■ Acrocordon excision (¥2,200 / piece) ​ * In addition to the above, anesthesia fee (¥ 1,100) ointment, tape fee, etc. will be charged separately. Video Improvement of facial expression wrinkles (Botox ​ ® Injection) Online reservation not possible It is a treatment that weakens the contraction force of the muscles that cause wrinkles and relieves wrinkles that form between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes. ​ ■ Botox® injection (1 unit ¥ 2,200) ・ Amount: 6 units ~ (¥ 13,200 ~) ・Glabellar : 10 units ~ (¥ 22,000 ~ ) ・ Both corners of the eyes: 12 units ~ (¥ 26,400 ~) ​Cosmetology injection / intravenous drip Online reservation not possible Anti-aging, recovery from rough skin and physical fatigue, beautiful skin, beautiful hair, etc., improve from the inside of the body according to your worries. ​ ■ Placenta injection (2A ¥ 2,200) * Insurance may be applied. ■ Whitening injection (VC + glutathione ¥ 2,200) ■ Vitamin injection (Arinamin ¥ 1,650) ■ Shiratama drip ( glutathione 3A + VitC + sea para ¥ 5,500) * Beauty drip / injection option + 1 additional ampoule (¥ 550) * A separate counseling fee of 3,300 yen will be charged at the first visit. Information on discount coupons ◆ Massage peeling / salicylic acid macrogol peeling coupon (4 times) ¥ 33,000 ​ The regular price is ¥ 11,000 once, but you can use it at a special price of ¥ 33,000 for four times. Peeling is more effective with repeated treatments. Therefore, regular treatment is recommended. ​ * The expiration date is 4 months. * This is not eligible for the first 20% off. ◆ Shiratama drip coupon (for 5 times) ¥ 22,000 ​ The regular price is ¥ 5,500 once, but you can use it at a special price of ¥ 22,000 for 5 times. Many people can feel the effect if they do it 5 to 10 times continuously. We recommend that you continue to do so. * The expiration date is 5 months. * This is not eligible for the first 20% off. Doctor's cosmetics In our hospital, we handle the clinic limited skin care products. ​ You can only buy cosmetics. Please feel free to contact us. 〇 DRX series (Rohto Pharmaceutical) 〇 Mdear ​〇 Zeoskin (Cutera) 〇Collage Repair (Mochida Health Care)

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