Urology Information
Consultation time

Tuesday 10:00-13:30   Friday  15:00-18:30(Please come 30 minutes before the end time)

​Introducing a urologist

I'm Hisashi Hasumi, a doctor in charge of urology. As a urologist, we provide inpatient treatment such as outpatient treatment and surgery at Yokohama City University Hospital. This time, I will be in charge of the urology outpatient department twice a week (Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon) at Motomachi Marine Eye Clinic. We will respond to a wide range of problems, from worries about urination such as nocturia and urinary incontinence to health consultations regarding urinary occult blood and proteinuria. For diseases that require advanced medical care such as cancer, we will provide cutting-edge treatment with less pain in cooperation with core hospitals such as Yokohama City University Hospital, Minato Red Cross Hospital, etc. increase. Please feel free to contact us as we will reduce the psychological burden while staying close to you no matter what your concerns.

medical doctor

Urology Society / Specialist

Urology Society / Instructor

Japanese Society of Hereditary Oncology / Specialist

Councilor, Japanese Society of Medical Oncology

Japanese Society of Urological Endoscopy and Robotics, Laparoscopic Technology Certified Physician

Japan Urological Endoscopy Robotics Society, Robot-Assisted Surgery Proctor

Japanese Society of Endoscopic Surgery, Laparoscopic Technology Certified Physician

Please contact us in such cases

  • Difficult to urinate

  • Have nocturia

  • I have pain when urinating

  • The pee is muddy

  • The toilet is near, urine leaks

  • cystitis

  • I was advised to have a medical examination

  • PSA is overpriced

  • Pus comes out of the urethra

  • Follow-up for kidney cancer, bladder cancer, etc.

  • Other health consultation

​Available inspections, equipment, etc.


After visiting the hospital, urine will be collected and examined for white blood cells, blood, protein, etc. in the urine. Also, examine the components (sink) that sank in the centrifuge under a microscope. Check for abnormal cells (cancer cells). Urinalysis results will be announced on the day of the event.

Culture test

If you suspect an infection, such as when you have a fever or pain and white blood cells are observed on a urine test, perform a urine culture to find out which bacteria are causing it. Also, by examining drug susceptibility, treatment is performed with appropriate antibiotics.

Blood sampling test

Blood is drawn to check for abnormalities in kidney and liver function, increased white blood cells, increased inflammatory proteins, and anemia.

It also measures PSA, a marker for prostate cancer.

The results of the blood sampling test will be announced at a later date.

Ultrasound diagnostic device (Xario100)

This is an examination that uses ultrasonic waves to examine the inside of the body. It is used in various organs because it does not burden the body. Urology includes echoes of the kidneys, bladder, prostate, and testicles.

Imaging inspection such as CT / MRI

As a result of the ultrasonic examination, if necessary, we will refer you to affiliated clinics and hospitals and perform imaging examinations such as CT and MRI. Highly accurate inspection can be performed by combining with the findings of ultrasonic waves.